Bullion Coins

American Gold Eagles

Discover the legacy and allure of the American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins, a prestigious series produced by the U.S. Mint. Available in four distinct weights – one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce, and tenth ounce – these coins are a blend of 22-karat gold and a durable alloy, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear. As a testament to their quality, these coins are backed by the United States government.

FIne American Gold

American Excellence and Heritage

Renowned for its artistic beauty and gold content, this coin is a popular choice for those seeking to add a tangible piece of American history and quality to their collection or investment portfolio. Incorporate a 1 oz American Gold Eagle into your collection today and own a symbol of American minting excellence.

  • Contains 1 oz of Gold:

    Each coin contains a full troy ounce of gold, striking a perfect balance between heft and value.

  • 22-karat gold:

    This coin combines 91.67% gold with a copper and silver alloy, resulting in a durable and lustrous finish.

  • Coins will be in protective packaging:

    To maintain their immaculate condition, each Gold Eagle is housed in protective packaging.

  • Obverse:

    The obverse features the iconic 'Lady Liberty' design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, depicting her with a torch and olive branch, set against the Capitol building and the year of minting.

  • Reverse:

    The reverse, crafted by Miley Busiek, illustrates a male eagle carrying an olive branch to a nest with a female eagle and hatchlings, symbolizing American family values and unity.