Tennis Bracelets

Perfect for infusing any outfit with a touch of sophistication, these necklaces are the ultimate expression of luxury and versatility, seamlessly transitioning from grand events to everyday chic.

Graceful Glamour

Elegance in Every Link

Modern tennis bracelets vary in design, from the classic single-row diamond settings to intricate multi-row and embellished styles. They may feature various gemstones, including diamonds, sapphires, or emeralds, and are set in metals like platinum, gold, or sterling silver. A secure clasp is a hallmark of these bracelets, ensuring both safety and a symbol of enduring beauty.

  • From the Court to Couture

    The term "tennis bracelet" gained popularity under unique circumstances: during the 1987 US Open, professional tennis player Chris Evert’s diamond bracelet broke and fell off during a match. This incident, where play was paused to recover her bracelet, led to the widespread use of the term. This blend of sporty elegance and glamour captured the public's imagination and solidified the style's name in jewelry history.