Loose Diamonds


Unveil the Radiant-cut diamonds’ unmatched brilliance and bold design, celebrating light in its most vibrant form. This cut’s versatility is one of its most appealing attributes. It can be fashioned into a square or rectangular shape, catering to a wide range of preferences.

A Cut Beyond

Brilliance in Every Facet

The cut's intricate faceting pattern is designed to hide inclusions and enhance the stone's color, making it a forgiving and flattering option for all types of jewelry. Whether set in an engagement ring, pendant, or pair of earrings, a Radiant-cut diamond makes a confident statement.

  • Where Brilliance Meets Boldness

    Introduced in the 1970s by Henry Grossbard, the Radiant cut is a striking blend of the traditional round and emerald cuts, featuring a total of 70 facets that maximize the stone's fire and light dispersion.