Loose Diamonds


Delve into the legacy of luxury with Asscher cut diamonds, celebrating over a century of cutting-edge elegance. This cut is ideal for those who appreciate the architectural beauty and appreciate a diamond with a strong presence and unique character.

Timeless Allure

Art Deco Excellence

Known for its clean lines and symmetrical shape, this cut emphasizes clarity over brilliance. Its large, open table and deep pavilion allow for an unobstructed view into the diamond, highlighting the purity and crispness of the stone.

  • Vintage Modernity

    Developed by the Asscher brothers in 1902, this cut is similar to the Emerald cut but is distinguished by its square shape and deeper pavilion. This cut's step facets and high crown produce a mesmerizing effect, often referred to as the "hall of mirrors" due to the way it reflects light within the stone.