Discover the Cartier Santos, a century-old icon of stylish innovation and pioneering design in watchmaking. Characterized by its distinctive square case and exposed screws, this watch is a symbol of elegance and functionality.

Icon of Innovation

A Visionary Timepiece

The Cartier Santos is available in various metals, including stainless steel and gold, and often features a bezel that seamlessly integrates with its bracelet or strap. This seamless integration is a testament to Cartier's craftsmanship and attention to detail. The watch is powered by reliable mechanical movements, ensuring precision and longevity.

  • A Century of Style

    Introduced in 1904, it was among the first wristwatches and was designed for the famous aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont. The Cartier Santos revolutionized the way timepieces were worn, transitioning from pocket watches to the modern wristwatch format we know today. The watch has evolved over the years, offering features like a date display and chronograph, without losing the essence of its original design.

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