Their rich, deep color evokes a sense of luxury and grandeur, making it a sought-after gem in fine jewelry. Rubies, with their striking presence, are often the centerpiece in pieces that range from elegant rings to eye-catching necklaces, radiating an allure that is both bold and timeless. Beyond its captivating beauty, ruby is celebrated for its hardness and durability, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear.


Vibrancy That Captivates

Whether set as a solitary stone or paired with diamonds and other gemstones, rubies bring a touch of fiery elegance to any piece. They are a celebration of nature’s beauty and the artistry of jewelry making, a gemstone that stands out for its powerful presence and the depth of emotion it represents.

  • Ruby's Timeless Majesty

    Historically mined in Myanmar's legendary Mogok Valley, rubies are also found in Thailand, Vietnam, and parts of Africa. The most coveted rubies, known as "pigeon's blood," are prized for their deep, saturated red color and rarity. As a member of the corundum family, rubies are second only to diamonds in hardness, making them not only a symbol of enduring love but also of strength.