Loose Diamonds


Celebrate love with every facet of the Heart-shaped diamond, a timeless symbol of affection and craftsmanship. With a cut similar to the Round Brilliant, Heart-shaped diamonds possess great sparkle and fire, with a unique twist.

Love’s Favorite Diamond

A Cut Above in Romance

Selecting a Heart-shaped diamond involves careful consideration of its symmetry and the quality of its facets, as these factors greatly influence the stone's overall appearance and brilliance. A well-cut Heart diamond is not only a stunning choice but also a reflection of the depth and precision of one's affection.

  • Crafting Passion

    The Heart cut's history is as rich as its appearance, with its origins dating back to the 15th century. Today, it stands as a favored choice for engagement rings, anniversary gifts, and statement jewelry, celebrating love in its most tangible form. The cut's complexity and the skill required to achieve the perfect heart silhouette make each stone a unique piece of crafted beauty.