The Omega Seamaster, introduced in 1948, is a symbol of maritime excellence and adventure. As one of the most beloved dive watches, it reflects Omega’s deep connection with the ocean world. The Seamaster, with its robust construction and exceptional water resistance, has been a trusted companion for divers and adventurers alike. 


Maritime Excellence

This watch blends exceptional functionality with refined aesthetics. Designed to withstand the demands of the deep sea, it features a durable case, high water resistance, and a legible dial with luminous hands and markers.

  • Oceanic Heritage

    Beyond its functional capabilities, the Seamaster is a marvel of design, offering a range of styles from elegant dress watches to sporty chronographs. Equipped with Omega’s advanced mechanical movements and co-axial escapements, the Seamaster is a perfect blend of Omega’s commitment to precision and adventure. 

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