The Omega Speedmaster is an iconic timepiece, synonymous with space exploration and cutting-edge horology. Known as the “Moonwatch” for its history with NASA’s lunar missions, this series stands out for its precision, durability, and classic chronograph design.

Omega Speedmaster in all black decals.

Astronauts’ Choice, Horology’s Pride

This watch has made history with its resilient performance in space, particularly during the Apollo 11 mission. Its distinctive features include a tachymeter scale bezel, a robust case, and a highly legible dial with subdials for timing precision.

  • Chronograph of Historic Milestones

    The Omega Speedmaster flawlessly combines precision engineering with iconic design. It's equipped with a mechanical chronograph movement, designed to offer impeccable timekeeping both on Earth and in space. The watch’s design, featuring a sleek case and functional dial, is a nod to its heritage as a tool for astronauts.